Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Louie Gong's Chinese New Year Customs

Yeah, whoooo! It's almost Chinese New Year. It's the time to celebrate how the Nian, a mean liony-dragony-monster, isn't going to eat villagers anymore (especially delicious children) like he did back in the day because now we have shit tons of firecrackers & red stuff to scare him off. It's the time to hit all of your Chinese friends for money because their pockets are jam packed with these red cash envelopes.

Most importantly, however, this is a very special time of year where no one in China answers the phone or email for, like, a month. To celebrate, our friend Louie Gong rolled out with these beautiful custom Vans in honor of the year of the rabbit. Yeah, it's the year of the rabbit. And you know what rabbits symbolize...wink, wink. If you'd like to have Louie make you some of these totally badass kicks, contact him 8TH GEN.