Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's See Some High Kicks!

Three people are going to be super hyped on this post. The rest of you, no, you will never understand our devotion to this band. Guided by Voices have a couple of shows with the classic lineup coming up soon. They'll be playing the Mission Creek Festival in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday April, 2nd with one of my new favorites, Wye Oak. Next up, GBV will be at Sasquatch Festival on Monday May, 30th in George, Washington. Ok, so let's all pretend that we're hanging out in our room listening to records. That would be a lot cooler than what you're probably doing right this second, anyway.

Top photo by Robert Loerzel. See more of his work on Underground Bee.

PS. Here's a cute little cover of GBV's 'Game of Pricks' by Surfer Blood if you're so inclined.