Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Heroes and Zeroes - Photographs by MRZ

Our friend Ray Zimmerman aka MRZ has his first solo show of skate photography opening on Saturday January 8th, 2011 in Long Beach. Knowing that Ray has a couple of decades of work to sort through, I'm sure the edit was a daunting task. He has chosen to focus on work from the last three or four years showing approximately 50-75 prints. Added bonus: Ray Barbee is going to play. Here's everything you need to know about MRZ's Heroes and Zeroes:

"I am a skateboarder. I have been one for as long as I can remember. I am also a photographer. These two identities frequently intertwine, resulting in images such as the ones shown here.

There are people who ride skateboards, and then there are people who are skateboarders. There is no spectrum between the two, no gray area. Black or white, red or green, yes or no. For a skateboarder it isn't a lifestyle choice or a trend to follow, it is simply who and what they are. Skateboarders see the world differently. They see obstacles as challenges, and restrictions as invitations. This is the nature and evolution of the species. Un-natural selection.

Being a skateboarder is much like having a lifelong addiction. Certainly the spectrum of experience from severe pain to absolute pleasure is nearly identical, along with that undying need for a fix. There aren't enough hours in a day or years in a lifetime to satisfy that burning desire to get out and ride until the wheels fall off.

Documenting this species is always an adventure. Sometimes the adventure requires trespassing, law breaking, and getting in harm's way. All for the sake of capturing mere instants in space and time. Some of the subjects are heroes, and some of them are zeroes, but they are all undoubtedly skateboarders and that's all that matters."