Monday, December 27, 2010

I Will Tattoo Your Face On My Face.

Oh, it was an idea I had about the ultimate disguise. You get it, right? It's like how that weird lady that had 15 babies also had a lot of plastic surgery to look like Angelina Jolie, but the real solution would have been to get Angelina's face tattooed on her [baby lady's] face. Problem solved. That divagation has nothing to do with these Vans tattoos. Whoa damb.

There's a story with this one. Icham's Vans tattoo used to be his girlfriend's name. Unless your life is shorter than your relationship, this is not a good idea.

Later. I have to hop on my hoverboard & shoplift some ironic beer.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Chrome - Nope, the Bags Not the Google.

Chrome Bags in San Francisco likes a lot of stuff we like...this dope-ass MOTORHEAD MESSENGER BAG, and we hang in the same circles. A moment of love, shall we?

Earlier this month their marketing dude, Sharkey, sent out this email so 'ey, yo, eh I am posting. It's the internets:

'In October Gabe Morford (responsible for the videos linked below) and I flew out to NYC for the weekend to ride bikes and push skateboards. On Saturday we met up with Cardiel and Igei and decided to just cruise around Manhattan and Brooklyn. Cards was on the hunt for some some fresh squeezed juice from a spot in Crown Heights and ended up at Prospect Park for beers by the lake.

On Sunday Cardiel went his own way and we skated from Igei's spot in Brooklyn to the subway into Manhattan, hopped a train at Penn Station and headed to Philly to meet up with Bobby Worrest for Game 2 of the playoffs between the Philies and the Giants. Bobby got his East Coast victory for the night...but we all know what happened in the end. (the track on this one is a Tommy G. original)

All of us believe in the companies we work for and the products we're pushing...otherwise we should find something else to do with our time. One of the greatest benefits that comes with this is being able to spend a couple of days with good friends and talented people. Good to see you all fellas...Till next time.'

Check out what Chrome has going at CHROMESF.