Friday, October 1, 2010

Ultimate Custom Vans Van

Kate Port & her husband Mike are a couple of our Vans facebook buds from Bristol, England. I cannot believe this love. Here's the story of their Vans Van:

"My husband and I have had this van since 2001. When we got it, it was a plain red and white. Over a couple of years it needed some work done on it so my husband started the body work and decided to give it some personal taste detail. Mike has surfed and skated since he was a young lad and has always loved the vans brand. Because the van was built in 1966, and vans was founded in 1966 this was the perfect match. Mike has done all the work himself.

We have a little girl of seven, and she is a true Volkswagen lover. Her dad is teaching her to surf and skate; the skating I think comes naturally to her. We spend most weekend of the year away in the van and go to many Volkswagen shows. We are going to one of the biggest in Europe on Sep 10th - Vanfest in Malvern, England."

We need this whip for a Euro Tour. Come on expense account, let's rage with these guys.