Friday, August 13, 2010

MOMA Panel - History of Skate Films

In October 2009, Pat O'Dell and PopRally organized a panel discussion at MOMA with influential skaters and skate filmmakers on the history of skate videos in conjunction with the Spike Jones retrospective showing at the museum at the same time. O'Dell moderated the discussion while Jones, Mark Gonzales, Greg Hunt, Tobin Yelland, Ty Evans, Jake Phelps, Lance Mountain, and Ed Templeton talked old shit, new shit, and just plain shit (thanks, Phelper).

The sound is a little off in part one, but it doesn't have time to become bothersome. The video parts the panelists are talking about cut into the edit with a voiceover. All in all, the discussions are funny and insightful; Jones to Gonzales, " threw the video camera out the car window..." Parts one and three of the panel can be viewed on PAT O'DELL'S VIMEO.