Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All About Some LA Film Premiers

This week has a lot of good stuff happening in LA. You should come over. We have both the LA Skate Film Festival and the Bicycle Film Festival going on at the same time.

Here's the trailer for Trafik film, To Live and Ride in LA, essentially pointing out that you have to have a deathwish to ride a bike here. But we have a lot of fun.

BFF has a block party on Sunday, September 5th. Go bunny hop for free shit.

It's the first annual LA Skate Film Fest so make sure to give them some love so they can do it again next year. It's your chance to see everything you missed so far this year in skate films on a big screen. Plus, you can see the one and only Steve Olson in Machotaildrop.