Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All About Some LA Film Premiers

This week has a lot of good stuff happening in LA. You should come over. We have both the LA Skate Film Festival and the Bicycle Film Festival going on at the same time.

Here's the trailer for Trafik film, To Live and Ride in LA, essentially pointing out that you have to have a deathwish to ride a bike here. But we have a lot of fun.

BFF has a block party on Sunday, September 5th. Go bunny hop for free shit.

It's the first annual LA Skate Film Fest so make sure to give them some love so they can do it again next year. It's your chance to see everything you missed so far this year in skate films on a big screen. Plus, you can see the one and only Steve Olson in Machotaildrop.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

C.R. Stecyk for Arkitip

Arkitip curated for Incase a nifty combo by C.R. Stecyk. The iPhone 3GS case has one of his signature skull heads whilst the Jay Adams back-in-the-day photo is printed on the 15" laptop sleeve. Rats. What? No iPhone 4? I'm trying to get fancy. Get these gifts for you (because you deserve it) at ARKITIP.

While you're at it check the newest issue from Arkitip featuring Vans art alum, Parra. It's nice.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Kid Stays in the Picture

If you want something to really make you feel like running and playing outside click through OLIVIAWASHERE's flickr. This lady is a talented photographer who is living rent-free at her parents house in Kansas - because she is a child. She takes all kinds of photos of animals, other kids, the park, being underwater, and goofing off in general. The really neat part about looking through Olivia's photos is they look like what you wanted your photos to look like when you were a kid, but they never did. Hers do. This kid is ossummmmm.

Here's Olivia's bio: "Hi, my name is Olivia, I'm 12 years old. And I like to take photos which is obvious. When I get older I wanna do a lot of traveling. (:"

Friday, August 13, 2010

MOMA Panel - History of Skate Films

In October 2009, Pat O'Dell and PopRally organized a panel discussion at MOMA with influential skaters and skate filmmakers on the history of skate videos in conjunction with the Spike Jones retrospective showing at the museum at the same time. O'Dell moderated the discussion while Jones, Mark Gonzales, Greg Hunt, Tobin Yelland, Ty Evans, Jake Phelps, Lance Mountain, and Ed Templeton talked old shit, new shit, and just plain shit (thanks, Phelper).

The sound is a little off in part one, but it doesn't have time to become bothersome. The video parts the panelists are talking about cut into the edit with a voiceover. All in all, the discussions are funny and insightful; Jones to Gonzales, "...you threw the video camera out the car window..." Parts one and three of the panel can be viewed on PAT O'DELL'S VIMEO.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

40 Years of El Tecolote

You might have seen photographer Amanda Lopez' work on this blog before. She's been doing an ongoing series for years documenting travels in her checkerboard Slip-Ons. Amanda just got back to San Francisco from a trip to Miami and dropped us a note about her latest rambles. If you're in San Francisco, you'll want to drop into the opening of a super cool looking photo exhibit Amanda is involved in. EL TECOLOTE, the Mission's bilingual newspaper, is turning 40 years old. The opening reception is tomorrow night, August 11th and continues through August 29th, 2010 at the MISSION CULTURAL CENTER FOR LATINO ARTS. Have a look at Amanda Lopez' newest portrait series CALI LOVE on her site.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Photos of Kyle Scully

I've been pretty crazy with writing on about 9 million other sites lately. This blog looks super sad right now. A fog of blog shame enshrouds me, however here's something good for you. Vancouver photographer Kyle Scully documents his everyday life. Somehow, his work has this sort of mysticism meets voyeurism quality. Take a few minutes in the woods of the Pacific Northwest on Kyle Scully dot CA or on Kyle Scully's Flickr.

Thanks to Jared E. for the head's up on Kyle.