Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stoked On Summer Show

The gallery at Space 15Twenty got real surfy on last Saturday night. In fact, it was so surfy that I couldn't even get into the gallery to see the photography show, the purpose of my trip over there. I went back on Sunday when it was a bit more mellow to give it another go. One of my favorites and no stranger to VANS SURF, Kyle Lightner, had a good grip of photos up along with Dan Monick. There were a couple of new (to me) names as well that I'm happy to have stumbled across - Kassia Meador, Jeffery Jones, and Joni Sternbach. The show is up through July 31st.

How about a little Kyle Lightner right about now? HIS BLOG IS RAD. Go get in the water.

Jeff Jones top photo from FOAM & INSITE.