Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lurking & Stealing & Lomos

First up is the lurking part; If you're all tweeting with me I'm gonna suss you out. So this kid is all, "Hey @vans_66 gimme some free shoes," as 567 people do per day. As it happens, this guy has a handsome lomo photo blog. Neil Cooper is from Brighton, UK, and apparently, likes to make things hard for himself. He's a vegan and shooting with a lomo for chrissakes. I can hate. He's going to live to be 100, and his photos are cool so he doesn't care. He's got time for film. Look at his tumblr LOMO EMULSION, and look at something cool for a minute today even though you are busy - you have all those reports to do and that meeting about things - whew! You are so busy.