Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Toro Y Moi is Totally Enfermo & Other Fun Facts

Not familiar with Toro Y Moi? Let's get the important stuff out of the way first. One. Toro is a Gamecock, ya heard? A GAMECOCK. USC ain't always for SoCal. Where we're from, its the University of South Carolina. If you love wallowing in agony and being so close yet so far away, then fall in love with that team. *Bonus - screaming, "Go Cocks!" with your maw maw at games.

Secondly, Toro Y Moi (aka Chaz Bundick) is a baddass musician/producer who is creeping up through the indie ranks and seems to be making everyone take notice. (Paper mag says he's beautiful - so there.) He's currently touring Europe, but will be doing a few dates in the US in August. CHECK HIS MYSPACE for more info. Oh, and he's on CARPARK RECORDS with other lovely folks like Dan Deacon & Beach House.

That didn't do it enough? Well, dang it. Bundick has a photo blog of his loves, tours, travels and untravels, too. POOR AND LONELY.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stoked On Summer Show

The gallery at Space 15Twenty got real surfy on last Saturday night. In fact, it was so surfy that I couldn't even get into the gallery to see the photography show, the purpose of my trip over there. I went back on Sunday when it was a bit more mellow to give it another go. One of my favorites and no stranger to VANS SURF, Kyle Lightner, had a good grip of photos up along with Dan Monick. There were a couple of new (to me) names as well that I'm happy to have stumbled across - Kassia Meador, Jeffery Jones, and Joni Sternbach. The show is up through July 31st.

How about a little Kyle Lightner right about now? HIS BLOG IS RAD. Go get in the water.

Jeff Jones top photo from FOAM & INSITE.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lurking & Stealing & Lomos

First up is the lurking part; If you're all tweeting with me I'm gonna suss you out. So this kid is all, "Hey @vans_66 gimme some free shoes," as 567 people do per day. As it happens, this guy has a handsome lomo photo blog. Neil Cooper is from Brighton, UK, and apparently, likes to make things hard for himself. He's a vegan and shooting with a lomo for chrissakes. I can hate. He's going to live to be 100, and his photos are cool so he doesn't care. He's got time for film. Look at his tumblr LOMO EMULSION, and look at something cool for a minute today even though you are busy - you have all those reports to do and that meeting about things - whew! You are so busy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Get to Know Jaques Renault

ANTHEM has been singing the praises of Producer and DJ Jaques Renault, and I must say riding on this band wagon is a lot of fun. Though his name could be no more Francophile than if we called him Frenchie LaRue, dude is actually of the American persuasion. What else? His disco slanted jams are particularly up my alley. Check that out at MYSPACE.COM/JAQUESRENAULT. Look up his other work as one half of RUNAWAY and ON THE PROWL records. Find him playing someplace cool in Brooklyn usually or according to Twitter, in Spain, at present.

Treat for you: download his remix of Chairlift's Evident Utensil on RCRDLBL.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Tasting Vans Logo Ever

Getting buttered up with a plate full of cookies does not hurt my feelings. Just so y'all know. Yesterday, our mens accessories designer's brother Scott turned up at the Vans home office for a little tour. Turns out the dude is some kind of pastry chef. Oh, word? Word. Yeah, these are real cute little Off The Wall logos. How'd they taste? Man, Like crispity, crunchety, butter cookie awesometown slammin.' This man has a future in expensive-ass delicacies with clever store fronts in high-rent districts. Thanks to DANIMAL for hooking a sister up.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vote Van Doren 2010

Oh, you wish. Unfortunately, there will be no free Vans for everyone in the state where that candidate is running for office. It ain't our man, SVD.

But come on! With this face? Put Steve Van Doren on dollar. Thanks to MOUNTAIN MAN SHAWN via Todd Harder for the Van Doren political find & Avoid Mag in Brazil for the shot of SVD.