Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time to Get Sappy.

The cute post. Yep. The couple is cute. Wedding party is cute. I'm sure they had at least one puppy doing something cute like biting its own tail on the big day just to make everyone die of some acute syndrome. Congrats to the cuties in question, Kate & Garrett. Thanks for sending us your photos & having good style & not blowing it on the wedding footwear. Good luck, you two!

From Kate:

"We were married on April 17,2010 in San Diego, CA. Who wouldn't want awesome, comfortable shoes for their wedding that can be worn over and over again after the wedding? It's the most important day of your life so why wouldn't you want to completely be yourself? It really only made sense for us to wear Vans. I can't wear my dress every day. It doesn't even fit in my closet. But every day I can look at/wear the shoes I wore on the day I married my best friend. And I think that's pretty great."

(And I only had to wait outside Kate's office, her mom's house, and tap on the glass of their living room window for 27 consecutive evenings to get her to write that.)