Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Elephant Leads to Another

Who doesn't like a good solid elephant? I found myself asking that question last night and I'm sure the same thought lumbers across your minds as well. All the time. Conveniently enough, I had in the que the photography of Thailand via Japan via Sweden resident Mattias Westfalk. Judging by his portfolio he has one of the greatest lives ever lived (dude has done EVEREST TRAIL twice). He appreciates a moment, and he's spent many of those moments in 52 countries.

Travel to unknown worlds at MATTIAS WESTFALK. Look at more casual dailies on MATTAIS'BLOG.

Train wreck of a segue to my newly found favorite photo in the world, Mr. Rogers on an elephant. It was posted on NERD BOYFRIEND yesterday along with the ingredients of Mr. Roger's style. Sadly, they didn't include an elephant in the guide.

My friend Ken B. sent me the link to Mattias' blog & @NECKDEEP sent me Nerd Boyfriend.