Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, Noes. Emo Gots Teeth.

I think the newscasters are bummed. The teachers and parents have perspective? Shouldn't they be angry? Nah, werewolves are cool. At least they aren't jocks. If you have a problem, take it up with the leader of the pack, De Kitten Something Something Lupus.

Mo' Effin' Teen Wolf, ya heard? Michael J. Fox bailando encima del Wolfmobile al son de los Beach Boys!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Elephant Leads to Another

Who doesn't like a good solid elephant? I found myself asking that question last night and I'm sure the same thought lumbers across your minds as well. All the time. Conveniently enough, I had in the que the photography of Thailand via Japan via Sweden resident Mattias Westfalk. Judging by his portfolio he has one of the greatest lives ever lived (dude has done EVEREST TRAIL twice). He appreciates a moment, and he's spent many of those moments in 52 countries.

Travel to unknown worlds at MATTIAS WESTFALK. Look at more casual dailies on MATTAIS'BLOG.

Train wreck of a segue to my newly found favorite photo in the world, Mr. Rogers on an elephant. It was posted on NERD BOYFRIEND yesterday along with the ingredients of Mr. Roger's style. Sadly, they didn't include an elephant in the guide.

My friend Ken B. sent me the link to Mattias' blog & @NECKDEEP sent me Nerd Boyfriend.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Craola Ain't That Scared

This is LA artist Greg Simkins aka Craola. He doesn't remember his first experience with art. Its always been part of his life since his mom rolled out spools of butcher paper on the table for him to draw on when he was a little tiny thing. Craola got his start in grafitti, however, he's no stranger to Caravaggio, Rembrandt and old masters.

"I haven’t always liked stretching canvas and never thought I would be doing it on a regular basis but these days, it has become more of an adventure than a chore. It is the sponge that soaks up all the thoughts going on in my head. Having an overactive imagination since a very young age, it has always made sense to me that any artwork I develop should be composed of these vivid thoughts. What used to take form in crayons and pencil, evolved into pen and ink drawings, spray painted murals and computer graphics, and has further morphed into the acrylic paintings I create these days. My childhood obsessions with Disney cartoons, Lorne Greens’ New Wilderness and books such as Watership Down and The Phantom Tollbooth have become fodder for my work as it develops today."

Greg, who has done some work with Vans in the past, has recently launched his new clothing line IMSCARED. Check out his merch at SHOP.IMSCARED.COM. Look through galleries of his imagination at I'M SCARED. I like his RIPPER nod, here.