Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What Lurks in Matt Hendon's Sketchbooks

Matt Hendon is a working illustrator whose gorgeous online portfolio of sketchbook drawings got my attention. I sent him a few questions to see what he's about.

Nikki S: You grew up in SoCal. How did that effect your approach to your work? Your attitude about illustration?

Matt Hendon: It's hard to say. Southern California is the only place I've ever lived so I can't really see how it has or how is hasn't influenced me. As far as being in so Cal, it made the transition to school a little easier since Art Center College of Design was my first choice of schools and didn't require me moving really far away, which can be tough on some people.

NS: Who are your artistic influences?

MH: I like a ton of different artists. From an early age I liked Mort Drucker from Mad and used to copy all of his drawings. Others include Thrush Holmes, Neo Rauch, Barron Storey.

NS: Do you have a favorite subject matter? Or do you roll with whatever you're into on any given day?

MH: I love drawing people. If I sit down and don't know what I want to draw I'll just start with faces and the figure. I also like drawing typography and patterns a lot too and just designing these elements around each other and letting the process take over.

NS: What new projects do you have coming up?

MH: Right now I have some beer labeling/ packaging that I am finishing up and will be up ON MY BLOG once I am done. Along with a few other illustrations, one of which will be on the Directory of Illustration 28's brochure. I've been in two shows this year and will be participating in Eco- Era's Akha Art Benefit put on by Penmen Elite LLC and Indigo Project Media on Saturday April 10th at the Fix Gallery in LA. You can find more information on it at INDIGO PROJECT.

Have a look through Matt's work at MATT HENDON DOT COM.