Monday, April 12, 2010

The Menace: Upping the Game in Custom Vans

Custom shoe craftsman The Menace took a few minutes to catch up with me about his first pair of hand-sewn & crafted Vans.

NIKKI S: I love what you're doing with your customs.

THE MENACE: The pair I sent you was my first time working with Vans, and I love them. Never going back to dunks. Love the variety of vans models as well.

NS: How about some basic bio info?

TM: Currently I live in Washington, D.C. and attend college in Northern VA. Pursuing a BA in marketing. Hoping to attend FIT in NYC for accessories design after completing my marketing degree.

NS: How did you get into sneaker customization? How did you decide to make the jump into sewing & construction from the basics?

TM: I use to spend hundreds weekly on all the retroed Jordans in high school. Eventually I caught on to the Jordan brand "scam" and stopped buying snakers all together. I sold all of my pairs and eventually stumbled upon ISS and the customs forum there. I have since been appointed the position as a moderator on the forums. I run the customs forum as well as point new members in the right direction who want to begin customizing there own sneakers.

NS: What kinds of fabrics are your favorites to work with? Are there any that are particularly difficult?

TM: I have an addiction to searching for never before seen before materials on footwear. I love anything rare and unique. Standard grey reflective 3M is a bit of a challenge to work with in particular due to how thin the material is; thin materials in particular are the most difficult to do.

NS: Do you have any upcoming projects that you'd like to talk about?

TM: As mentioned this was my first time working with a pair of Vans ever. Previously I started with paint work and Nike models and then into the construction process with Dunk lows mainly. With Vans I think I found the brand that i will stick with for the forseeable future. In the coming weeks and months I plan to continue to play with the various Vans models and get a grasp of the possibilities each model presents.

You can purchase this pair of Blackout Digital Camo Custom Vans by The Menace at his online store I AM THE MENACE. He does one off work so if you have an idea email him @ His blog is WHO IS THE MENACE.

Thanks to @PAINT OR THREAD for the heads up on this cat.