Saturday, March 20, 2010

SxSW: You Can't Make Us Go Away

We didn't listen. We had to party. So off to see Man Man & Those Darlins at the Billboard Magazine showcase.

In the meantime, Honus Honus from Man Man grabbed this big hat from some guy running out of a port-o-jon. Its a good look, eh? After that we still had some time to kill before Man Man started their set. I ended up meeting some really nice people who'd driven quite a long way. Amanda Lynn was a rad chica I hung out with for a while at Man Man. She & her friend had driven in from St. Louis and were staying in their car.

Of course, Man Man had an amazing set. Dozens of people scaled the wall behind me to get in. Honus Honus ran around like a demon. Crowd surfing ensued.

Those Darlins were totally sassy dames hailing from Tennessee. They sang a song about getting drunk & eating all the chicken. Had me at hello.