Thursday, March 18, 2010

SxSW: What Happens at Emo's

The whole Vans gang was at Emo's last night for the Vans showcase so you'll get a couple of points of view on this little shindig. Here's something I bet you don't now about the venue, though. Tomato carpet. Yep. I don't know how a whole deck at Emo's came to be covered in tomato carpet, however there we have it.

Limes are cool & all, but this just wasn't happening. Oliver Peck & his lady, Aubrey were running around generally being a ruckus. Well, Oliver was. He's a Texan. They're like that.

Instead of air hockey or pool, at Emo's they staple people to the wall. Just kidding.

I'm always down for a well placed design joke. (Again, art school paying for itself right here.)

Now for the band clips. I didn't get everyone in the Vans showcase but here's a little something from She Wants Revenge, Dillinger Escape Plan & Mariachi El Bronx.

Next door to the Vans show at Emo's we got to check out WARPAINT and THE MORNING BENDERS.