Thursday, March 18, 2010

SXSW: There Will Be No Barriers to Fun

In continuing to see what kind of people I can meet my randomly addressing strangers, meet Chris Miller. He's in Austin supporting some of the bands he works with. Namely, HOLLERADO, a quartet from Ontario who, "...sounds like Weezer if Weezer was still good." He's not lying. They're a good time.

That guy had to move those jawns out of our way. Didn't I say no barriers to fun? Them's the rules. Let's continue. I happened into the PASTE showcase. The CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS were playing. Those kids sound exactly like bands my granddad would take me to when I was a little kid in South Carolina. They were followed up by Scottish indie rockers FRIGHTENED RABBIT who were absolutely fantastic. Here are a couple of short clips.

This fantastic bunch of people during the show kept me company- Rana, Eric, Micki, & Ryan.

All over Austin there are people playing in the street. These guys were going for it. I tipped them all I had, some Vans sunglasses.