Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SxSW Secret Piano: Britt Edwards

Yesterday I totally left this out. Ok, so I'm finishing up the final session at the SxSW interactive nerd conference (card carrying member of that clan, thank you) and in the bowels of the hotel I find a piano. Its shoved into a weird spot by ancient phone booths near some restrooms, "What? This is odd." Of course I have to tweet about it. 30 minutes later I'm meeting one of VANS' TWITTER followers @gracethefallfan aka Liz Edwards in the lobby of the hotel. I'd asked if any of our twitter followers nearby play the piano. Her husband Britt does, & they live right down the street. Telling them that I bet we can get one song out before security gets to us, we head off to the piano. Of course, it turns out that Britt has been a musician his whole life & used to play with Stevie Ray Vaughn.

After he finished playing he quietly mentioned that was the first song he'd played on the piano in seven years. The rust comes off real quick. Hell yeah. Great way to kick off SxSW, eh?