Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SxSW: Reverse Engineering

How about I start out with where I am right now? Its been a long first night before the SxSW Music festival's official start tomorrow, and Tiffany is behind me hollering about how this can of cheesy bacon squirt is 'has 30% protein.'

Before that we hit up the premiere of Skateland at the Paramount Theatre. Yeah, that happens to be the film I blogged about the other day. It was pretty good, I must say. Think, "Dazed & Confused on rollerskates" except with more drama. Some supersad stuff goes down. We got to be lurpy & watch the stars of the film on the red carpet. We so fancy. And since we met them all at a BBQ the other day we could be all, "Hey Ashley Greene." Nah, for real but Tony, the director had to be stoked. Leave it to Texas to have people screaming, "Oww!" in a film premiere.

Going to see Motorhead doesn't hurt my feelings. This pass should let me do anything forever.

Since its my first time in Austin, I'm spending time talking to a lot of random people. Emily was wearing some Vans rain boots so of course I had to go talk to her. Note that her coat, lipstick & phone all match.

I also met Dennis. He likes to have his neck scratched.

And boom-ditty-boom, this is where it all started.