Sunday, March 21, 2010

SxSW: Out with a Fight

In case you can't quite make it out that guy's shirt says, "F*ck you we're from Texas." Yesterday was the final day of all the SxSW amazingness. My flight was in the afternoon, but I was determined to still see a mess of bands right up until the cab carted me kicking & screaming away from Austin. We packed up all our crud & headed to meet the Vans gang at Emo's. The line outside of our party with AP Magazine. Was. Silly.

I had time enough to run inside Emo's, rock out for 1 minute & run back out the door to the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. The view was terrible so elbows flew. Next stop? Up front.

HOLY F*CK was great. It was kinda funny to see that many people getting dancey in the middle of the day. Included in the daytime dancing mob was me.

They were followed immediately by SUCKERS who were recently signed to Frenchkiss. Congrats y'all.

The final kicker? I saw Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth at the airport. He gave me a big hug & said, "Have a nice flight!" No he didn't. But that would have been the only way the week could have been any better.