Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fool: New Works from Albeck & Zamora

Friends of Vans, Derek Albeck & Marco Zamora, will be opening a show of new works at FECAL FACE DOT GALLERY tomorrow night April 1st in San Francisco. If you're in the Bay Area, borrow a bike & high tail it over to this jawn.

Here's what Marco had to say about the his pieces in the show:

"These recent paintings are a continuing series of work based off of photos I take. Using found objects within the photos, I collage what I find to create each painting. The work has been dealing with the human condition, compulsory collecting (Places and objects being collected by memory, function, and nostalgia), and interaction. The bicycle has been appearing a lot due to the fact that it has been becoming a main form of transportation for myself and especially the younger generation. The urban landscape is my wildlife. To recreate what I see and add life to life."

Derek didn't say anything. Ask him when you get there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slip-Ons Do Not Come Off Easily

That's the message Chris Buongiorno is sending with his spec Vans commercial anyway. Not too shabby.

Here's another mini-narrative by Chris for no other reason than its funny.

Chris directs music videos, commercials, and beats on drums in his band in Los Angeles. See more of his work on CHRIS BUONGIORNO DOT TV

Sunday, March 21, 2010

SxSW: Out with a Fight

In case you can't quite make it out that guy's shirt says, "F*ck you we're from Texas." Yesterday was the final day of all the SxSW amazingness. My flight was in the afternoon, but I was determined to still see a mess of bands right up until the cab carted me kicking & screaming away from Austin. We packed up all our crud & headed to meet the Vans gang at Emo's. The line outside of our party with AP Magazine. Was. Silly.

I had time enough to run inside Emo's, rock out for 1 minute & run back out the door to the Brooklyn Vegan showcase. The view was terrible so elbows flew. Next stop? Up front.

HOLY F*CK was great. It was kinda funny to see that many people getting dancey in the middle of the day. Included in the daytime dancing mob was me.

They were followed immediately by SUCKERS who were recently signed to Frenchkiss. Congrats y'all.

The final kicker? I saw Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth at the airport. He gave me a big hug & said, "Have a nice flight!" No he didn't. But that would have been the only way the week could have been any better.

SxSW: Other Stuff People Like in Austin

There were definitely repeating themes in this town. Thing one: fixed gear to motorcycle ratio was one to one and a lot of them. I'm pretty sure when you move to Austin the fixed gear/motorcycle impresario of the town requires you to purchase both of them when you sign a lease. Or maybe everyone there is so cool that they ride their green motorcycle to pick up their matching green bike.

Thing two: Its called Taco One. I waited 30 minutes on this taco truck plus bribed a guy in line to let me break. It was that good. Maybe I should have listed Thing One as Taco One so it was less confusing. I digress...yum!

Thing three: being weird. They want to talk about it all the time. There are weird performance art shows all over the place. I saw two on accident. 90's industrial music. This guy. Renaissance fair. Magic Rope. Fake Shakespeare. Accordions. Punch & Judy. That's your inspiration.

Thing Four: The Jackalope.

Thing Five: Deer Tick at the Palm Door. Excellent venue. Its like if you were going to be all, "Dude, I am building a roadhouse!" and then you were the owner of this bar. Sorry the video is so dark. Close your eyes.

SxSW: Mess with Texas

Friday was spent at the Mess with Texas party. It was definitely my favorite unofficial SxSW event. Its free & anyone can get in. On that note, a girl ran up to Honus Honus from Man Man and completely freaked out. I promised her I would post this photo because she didn't have a camera. She was sweet.

Both The Bronx & their arch rivals Mariachi El Bronx played within 2 hours on the same stage. I thought it would be a battle to the death, but it all worked out.

Keith Morris from Circle Jerks was hanging out back stage after his new band OFF! played. That band is packed with heavy hitters: Steve McDonald from Redd Kross, Dimitri Coats from Burning Brides, Mario Rubalcaba from Hot Snakes, ​Clikatat Ikatowi & Rocket from the Crypt. You know what else is backstage? Extremely well crafted tip jars.

As it got dark, Man Man played one of their best shows ever. I mean ever. So says the band. It was mobbed, & I was hanging off the scaffolding on the back of the stage, both arms wrapped around a poll to be able to see anything. And all you get is a photo of a guy in a pink skirt.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SxSW: You Can't Make Us Go Away

We didn't listen. We had to party. So off to see Man Man & Those Darlins at the Billboard Magazine showcase.

In the meantime, Honus Honus from Man Man grabbed this big hat from some guy running out of a port-o-jon. Its a good look, eh? After that we still had some time to kill before Man Man started their set. I ended up meeting some really nice people who'd driven quite a long way. Amanda Lynn was a rad chica I hung out with for a while at Man Man. She & her friend had driven in from St. Louis and were staying in their car.

Of course, Man Man had an amazing set. Dozens of people scaled the wall behind me to get in. Honus Honus ran around like a demon. Crowd surfing ensued.

Those Darlins were totally sassy dames hailing from Tennessee. They sang a song about getting drunk & eating all the chicken. Had me at hello.

Friday, March 19, 2010

SxSW: Carniville Carnivores

We caught Japanther at Jelly NYC/ I heart Comix's Carniville event. Don't worry, I ate a bunch of cotton candy & threw up on the tilt-a-whirl.

Also met a kid named Farrington Thomas. I knew he'd be a good person to talk to. You're automatically a good dude if you're wearing Chukka Boots & riding a BMX.

What's interesting is that all this insanity is going on in a neighborhood like this.

SxSW: AP Party is Like Oh, Snap!

Ever Been to an AP Magazine Party? Its like this...

SxSW: Big Bugs in Cowtown

Walking around in East Austin yesterday we found these bug bikes. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the owners. Rats!

In the more random people that I walk up and start talking to realm, I am really glad this girl Stacia was dressed awesome. I went up to see what her deal was because I liked her outfit. Turns out that she is in this really cool band called THEE SATISFACTION. Their current tour is called "The Black Weirdo Tour" so I am for sure backing these girls.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SxSW: When It Gets Dark

Sometimes you have to yell it out. Yell it out with all of your heart.

SxSW: What Happens at Emo's

The whole Vans gang was at Emo's last night for the Vans showcase so you'll get a couple of points of view on this little shindig. Here's something I bet you don't now about the venue, though. Tomato carpet. Yep. I don't know how a whole deck at Emo's came to be covered in tomato carpet, however there we have it.

Limes are cool & all, but this just wasn't happening. Oliver Peck & his lady, Aubrey were running around generally being a ruckus. Well, Oliver was. He's a Texan. They're like that.

Instead of air hockey or pool, at Emo's they staple people to the wall. Just kidding.

I'm always down for a well placed design joke. (Again, art school paying for itself right here.)

Now for the band clips. I didn't get everyone in the Vans showcase but here's a little something from She Wants Revenge, Dillinger Escape Plan & Mariachi El Bronx.

Next door to the Vans show at Emo's we got to check out WARPAINT and THE MORNING BENDERS.

SxSW: Always Talk To Strangers

A well crafted mustache caught my eye. As I questioned the owner of the mustache, it turns out that he, Daniel Stessen, is at SxSW for film. A music video he directed for CHRIS GARNEAU called Fireflies is in the festival. I'd love to see this on the big screen. Its beautiful & funny. The follow cam on the hero as he runs is dead on video game cleverness.

Also, his friend Chad had a lovely method of keeping things organized on the back of his business card...

SXSW: There Will Be No Barriers to Fun

In continuing to see what kind of people I can meet my randomly addressing strangers, meet Chris Miller. He's in Austin supporting some of the bands he works with. Namely, HOLLERADO, a quartet from Ontario who, "...sounds like Weezer if Weezer was still good." He's not lying. They're a good time.

That guy had to move those jawns out of our way. Didn't I say no barriers to fun? Them's the rules. Let's continue. I happened into the PASTE showcase. The CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS were playing. Those kids sound exactly like bands my granddad would take me to when I was a little kid in South Carolina. They were followed up by Scottish indie rockers FRIGHTENED RABBIT who were absolutely fantastic. Here are a couple of short clips.

This fantastic bunch of people during the show kept me company- Rana, Eric, Micki, & Ryan.

All over Austin there are people playing in the street. These guys were going for it. I tipped them all I had, some Vans sunglasses.