Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gee Your Vans Smell Terrific!

Mullusk Surf Shop is one of my favorites for a reason: they do cool shit. I emailed with the shop's Sky Crawford this week about the idea for this video on their site.

Mollusk Minutes from Mollusk on Vimeo.

"Basically the video making happened serendipitously one day... KYLE FIELD, a friend of the shop, showed up, fueled on buckets of coffee spouting, "I have an idea for a video..." He pulled out a notebook filled with vignettes of surf shop employee caricatures which were hilarious. All of us said, let's give it a go... The best part was that all of these random things started happening and we ended up with about 45 min of footage. We then cut it down, while trying to maintain the original feel—we wanted it to be tongue in cheek with a dry sensibility. While John was editing, in front of a peanut gallery (Gus and myself), Kyle started painting different scenes from the film and working on the titles. I don't know where the idea of smelling the Vans came in or how John got on video talking about "shoe collaborations..." I actually think he (John) was on candid camera at that point. Anyhow, it's just a day in the life of Mollusk San Francisco."

You got 3 cities in which to locate a MOLLUSK- VENICE, BROOKLYN, SAN FRANCISCO.