Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carts of Darkness

I first heard about the documentary Carts of Darkness in 2006. My friend JEREMY (whom I was working on a snowboard film with at the time) was doing a little bit of editing on this film about homeless men tearing ass down Vancouver streets in shopping carts at 50mph. Apparently, this was a phenomenon fairly well known in the area. The director, MURRAY SIPLE, had been a snow/skate filmer and found himself with a need to tell the story of these fellows who are from his & Jeremy's hometown. The full film is streaming now on The National Film Board of Canada's site. Its fantastic. The b&w stills are by SCOTT POMMIER. If you're having trouble seeing the full screen toggle try THIS LINK.

I love Canada. Free heath care. Free Movies. Spelling 'color' like 'colour.' Thanks to LEXANI for the link.