Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pedals Plus People- Orlando Bike Culture Book

Running across Melissa Smith's self-published book Pedals Plus People was a lucky nugget ON HER TWITTER yesterday. I asked her to share a bit about how she got started with the project. I'm a sucker for DIY. Here's what Melissa had to say:

"I was a part of the bike community in Orlando and felt that the people I was around were crazy unique and their bikes completely reflected their style and personality. At the time my day job was portrait photographer. I decided to combine what I loved about my job with what I loved about my friends. I have since received international attention with my book and photography project. My work has been published in several magazines (including Urban Velo's latest issue) and multiple websites and bike blogs. I hold down an office job at a local college by day and snap photographs by night. I just take photos of life around me as it happens. I love bikes, pugs and travel and of course, Vans."

Up close & personal with the Orlando bike scene will only set you back a meager sum of if you want to add it to your library. Snag it at SHORT FOR MELISSA DOT COM.