Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Can Make Anything Out of a Roll of Tape

Ditching the the old standard duct tape, Jamison LeBlanc has made some Vans out of making tape. Here's the deal...

"This was an exact replica of a Vans Authentic styled mens size 10.5 shoe.
Constructing this replica consisted of numerous rolls of masking tape which were fashioned together to create the illusion of form and texture of the actual shoe. Working on the sole of the shoe was the most painful and time consuming aspect of this project because of the fine and plentiful amount of detail. I trained myself to imagine the parts of the shoe as separate pieces to be fitted together to make up the shoe as a whole finished product. Making marks of the surface of the tape was used to create texture to help the viewer connect that idea of cloth, rubber, and thread used to make the shoe."

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