Monday, October 19, 2009

Kyozo Kicks- Customs for Design Savvy Gamers

UK customizer Nicolas Tonks happened onto his craft by accident. The dude is a serious gamer so it makes sense for him to figure out how to meld the things he likes. Here's a bit more about him & his site KyozoKicks.

"I'm 23 and I'm actually a qualified electrician (albeit not a practicing one)...My first pair of shoes I customised were an old pair from under my bed, I bought some paints and made some shoes based off of a small game called Noby Noby Boy. They found themselves on the front page of one of the internet's biggest gaming blogs," Here's a pair of Zelda inspired Vans and the shield where the art came from. Subtle, no?

Subsequent designs, highlighted by one based on Phoenix Wright, ended up back on Kotaku, in addition to Destructoid, Offworld and even Capcom. Why does he like doing it? "The main draw is the people I get to chat with, from people I have long looked up to, to people I would never of met otherwise....I also want to encourage more people to customise their own shoes, and if they need help I'm here for advice."

Check out his work on KYOZOKICKS.COM or follow @KyozoKicks on twitter.