Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vampire Bite My Face Off (And Kanye)

There are about 6943949845 Vampire movies out or in production as well as all the TV shows and the books, the books, the books. (There's one something... I see the billboards for all over LA. Its got some girl flipped upside down with a couple of dudes flanking her, but the title didn't stick. Sorry ad man.) Why not make it topical today and throw in Kanye, if he will let me finish?

Ahem. Brooklyn illustrator MELISSA ZAYAS whipped up some Twilight Vans. Oh, Edward Cullen! You're so hot & dead. All y'all wear these while you read the books secretly in your room. (I got your number, don't I?)

Vampire-wise, Barnabas Collins from Dark Shadows is pretty much the answer, though. He wrote songs. Kanye writes songs. Am I saying that Kanye is a vampire? Omg.

Kanye & Bill (an sookeh) via KANYEGATE vis à vie‎ @wardonthestreet