Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Skateboard Tetris & The Rest of San Francisco

Hey San Francisco, who made this? I know the 30-something skaters in this video must be talking about it. Who is the director & what the hell is that logo. Anyone? Is that song Metronomy? (Duh, I googled all that so this requires brain knowledge.) Anyway, this is fantastic.


Edit: Man, did I get suckered! I'm effing retiring. I'm not that into longboarding, but hey. I was all pumped that they could do that on a hill going that fast. Looks like reader Jake was on the right path, "Looks like a group of middle aged longboarders who couldn't find Burning Man." Worse. There are straps on those boards! Man! MAN!!!! Thanks to dkele for solving the mystery. RAVE TIL DAWN FREEBORDERS. Dudes. Its all fun & games & glowsticks until someone turns on the lights.

In other ramblings, SF was on the brain before I ran across that vid a bit ago. I've been there for the last couple of days. Stopped into FTC to say hello...

then kept on down the street and into the RVCA store, where Vans Collaborators Kelsey Brookes & Jay Howell had a couple of pieces up in the gallery.

To top it all off we met a guy with leather goggles, hat, and a bmw motorcycle with sidecar. Not too shabby, NorCal.

Annnnnnnd cute fog machines.