Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Disposable Skateboard Bible Book Launch

Yeah, it might be two months after the book came out, but better late than never. Sean Cliver will be at Huf LA Thursday Sept 10th signing books & slinging free vodka all over the place. And you know its that stuff that comes in the plastic bottle with the black label and it just says 'vodka' on it. That's what gets you in trouble. Next thing you know you're out on fairfax trying to explain your life to your friend and the only thing that comes out is, "Its just that I love you...you you you know you is my boy right? Shit, arrrrrgg...that girl right there ain't call me back....hey girl!..."


PS- Where have I been for the last few days? VA Beach mo fos. I'm soooo tan. Golden goddess up in here. (If by golden I mean still sickly white.) VANS.COM/ECSC OoOoOOWHeee!