Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diamonds in the Yard Sale Rough

My friends from ARTRAFFLE were bouncing around yard sales in LA last weekend (as us poor kids often do), and they met me for lunch all hollering about 'army man Vans."

"Do what?" I say? They met this kid, Lee Nguyen who was selling his custom sneakers at a yard sale. Here's more about Lee:

"I'm a good boy from the midwest who got bored with the corporate finance/consulting game and moved to the NY to get into fashion as a merchandise planner, explore the city, and learn how to live vicariously through myself. I eventually yearned for some more space to paint so I packed up my bags and headed to sunny californ-i-a. I currently work for what could be described as every girls favorite clothing company as a planner, collections coordinator, and all around ideas/execution guy. On my free time I paint, write, cook/eat a lot, and live & love til I fall asleep at night."

"As for how I got into painting vans...One of my good friends was on a layover in the NY, so we got some food, drinks, and more drinks...ended up on my balcony at 5am for final call on a wednesday night (thursday morning) where he said "I'm sending you a pair of vans and you're painting them". Thinking it was just words, I came home from work one day with a package and opened it up to see a fresh pair of white vans. I immediately knew what I was going to do. I wanted to make them "him" with a little humor and a bit of truth...he's a 6'3", skinny/lanky jewish guy from the valley who loves hip hop and is the biggest sneaker head I know. He's also got a beard like rick I thought, why not immortalize him on a big blinged out gold chain. And that was that."

What did we learn? Follow your dreams, kids. You just might end up singing in front of a glorious waterfall. (insert sassy 'snap! snap!")