Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vans Mail Bag- Brandi Diaz' Red Authentics

Brandi's friend sent me this photo so I gave her a shout to find out a bit about her...

"I'm 16, and currently am living in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I picked up photography when I was 11. I like to paint and stuff, but I feel like photography is my channel of art. Its something that I see in everything, whether it be a sunset or like.. a rubix cube. I feel like I can make it into some kind of portrait. I like how it can be time consuming but in a sense just a click of a button. I can just bring my little camera anywhere and capture daily life and be able to relive that moment when looking back at the photo as well as letting it be its own story. Graham Higgins is in the photo and we took it in downtown Plymouth."