Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Icecream People Rival Bigfoot & Nessie in Popularity

Ice Cream People is a project by artist Brian Butler of Boston. Here's the skinny:

"The intention of this project is to elevate the Ice Cream Person, a half-ice-cream, half-human hybrid, to the same legendary status as other cryptozoological icons, such as Bigfoot, or The Lochness Monster. By consolidating evidence, stories, and artist renditions into a cohesice database of frozen-facts, I am creating a foundation from which the existance of the Ice Cream People may be justified."

Many artists from GARY PANTER to BILL GRIFFITH to LITTLE SCHOOL KIDS to ZACH GALIFINIAKIS have contributed their artist renderings to the online gallery after spotting an Ice Cream Person. If you'd like to download the template and send in your own you can get do so at ICE CREAM PEOPLE DOT ORG.

And to top off all this ice cream biz with some sprinkles (wamp! wamp!), guess what? Brian Butler had a dream about some Luchadores, woke up, and made custom Vans about his dream. He got a nice WRITE UP ON JUXTAPOZ last week, too. Baller. He's made merch for Jay-Z and Wu Tang. You can see more of Brian's work (ice cream & otherwise) on THE UPPER HAND ART DOT COM.