Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 2

One of the best things about this convention is that so many artists come to the show in person. I'm standing at the Bonaventura booth looking at some work and I say, "Hmmm....I really like Esther Pearl Watson. Great stuff," or something. She happens to be standing there and replies, "I am really glad you don't hate Esther Pearl Watson!" UNLOVEABLE is her comic. Based on a diary that Esther found in the '90s, the story follows main character Tammy Pierce through highschool- poots, boogers, no boyfriends and all.

CHUMBLE SPUZZ creator Ethan Nicolle was doing a signing with his brother & co-conspirator Isaiah for the second book in that series. Just released this month, book two is about an old man raised by pigeons and what happens when 'Death' (character) kills himself.

Book 1 of Chumble Spuzz is about a prize pig who is possessed by Satan.

Annnnndddd Transformer Dinosaur!