Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 1

Time for the annual trip to San Diego for the biggest nerdfest of them all, Comic-Con. Its my 3rd convention, so I knew what to expect...complete sensory overload/a fist full of crazy. I figured since I was road tripping down there from LA I might as well take the opportunity to completely turn out this little Evo whip Mitsubishi loaned us for work. Free gas & fast. Yes, please. Hook it up.

We stopped into the market to snag some supplies 'round about Oceanside. Why?

Duh, so we can make parking garage sandwiches in the trunk. All the kids are doing it.

I skipped one thing though before we got to the parking garage. We went to San Diego by way of Mexico. Note: that is not the best way to get there. Dónde está Comic-Con?