Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Trick That Wins Every Skate Contest. Forever.

There it is. Best trick this year at X Games. All of it. Hand stand to cartwheel to round off. Long jump ain't bad either.

via @lebigz

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RIP Z-Boy Paul Cullen

On July 23, 2009 the youngest member of the Zyphr Skate team, Baby Paul Cullen, passed away at the age of 47.

"He should be remembered as a ripper skater, shredder surfer, and loving doting father. We will love, and honor you forever in our hearts." - Christie Martin

More info can be found via Yo! Venice!, Skate and Annoy, and Boardistan. I agree with Boardistan, the above CR Stecyk photo is skateboarding.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 4

A few of my favorite things at this year's convention...

aquarium of D&D dice...

six year-old stomping around with armloads of comics & her favorite boots...

Angelique with blue hair all smiling & giving out free hugs...

Noss and his amazing candy raver status...

vampire queen of skulls & death & hotness statue...

ladies at the MAC makeup store painting eyes on the back of this guy's head...


Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 3

Here's what everyone wants to see...the costumes. Most of these people spend a great deal of time crafting these costumes at home. A few here & there are models, but its pretty easy to guess which they are. For everyone else, its more like, "I've always wanted to be a......." and that's their dream come true for the day. As far as the most popular costumes, I'd say there were a ton of steampunks and Transformers.

My favortite shot is Rorschach from The Watchmen taking a photo of Super Homer.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 2

One of the best things about this convention is that so many artists come to the show in person. I'm standing at the Bonaventura booth looking at some work and I say, "Hmmm....I really like Esther Pearl Watson. Great stuff," or something. She happens to be standing there and replies, "I am really glad you don't hate Esther Pearl Watson!" UNLOVEABLE is her comic. Based on a diary that Esther found in the '90s, the story follows main character Tammy Pierce through highschool- poots, boogers, no boyfriends and all.

CHUMBLE SPUZZ creator Ethan Nicolle was doing a signing with his brother & co-conspirator Isaiah for the second book in that series. Just released this month, book two is about an old man raised by pigeons and what happens when 'Death' (character) kills himself.

Book 1 of Chumble Spuzz is about a prize pig who is possessed by Satan.

Annnnndddd Transformer Dinosaur!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Comic-Con Road Trip 09: Part 1

Time for the annual trip to San Diego for the biggest nerdfest of them all, Comic-Con. Its my 3rd convention, so I knew what to expect...complete sensory overload/a fist full of crazy. I figured since I was road tripping down there from LA I might as well take the opportunity to completely turn out this little Evo whip Mitsubishi loaned us for work. Free gas & fast. Yes, please. Hook it up.

We stopped into the market to snag some supplies 'round about Oceanside. Why?

Duh, so we can make parking garage sandwiches in the trunk. All the kids are doing it.

I skipped one thing though before we got to the parking garage. We went to San Diego by way of Mexico. Note: that is not the best way to get there. Dónde está Comic-Con?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"i luv vans so much dat i got it cut in my head"

That was the comment left on our Vans Myspace leading us to Anthony Gordon. He's a 15 year-old from "where swaggin is a must Texas California," with the Vans logo shaved into his head. #1 Brave choice of hair style. #2 I am backing it. #3 His barber/barbette must be amazing. I want to meet them.

Thanks for the photos, MR.VANS! You're the coolest.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Put Some Erfurt Into It: Bobsmade Custom Vans

Bobsmade is a 22 year-old student & designer from Efurt, Germany with a solid DIY line of custom shoes, tees & accessories in his quiver. He's just about done with his new site BOBSMADE DOT COM, but in the meantime you can see more of his work on BOBSMADE MYSPACE. Hit him up for some customs work.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vans Mail Bag- Brandi Diaz' Red Authentics

Brandi's friend sent me this photo so I gave her a shout to find out a bit about her...

"I'm 16, and currently am living in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I picked up photography when I was 11. I like to paint and stuff, but I feel like photography is my channel of art. Its something that I see in everything, whether it be a sunset or like.. a rubix cube. I feel like I can make it into some kind of portrait. I like how it can be time consuming but in a sense just a click of a button. I can just bring my little camera anywhere and capture daily life and be able to relive that moment when looking back at the photo as well as letting it be its own story. Graham Higgins is in the photo and we took it in downtown Plymouth."


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Icecream People Rival Bigfoot & Nessie in Popularity

Ice Cream People is a project by artist Brian Butler of Boston. Here's the skinny:

"The intention of this project is to elevate the Ice Cream Person, a half-ice-cream, half-human hybrid, to the same legendary status as other cryptozoological icons, such as Bigfoot, or The Lochness Monster. By consolidating evidence, stories, and artist renditions into a cohesice database of frozen-facts, I am creating a foundation from which the existance of the Ice Cream People may be justified."

Many artists from GARY PANTER to BILL GRIFFITH to LITTLE SCHOOL KIDS to ZACH GALIFINIAKIS have contributed their artist renderings to the online gallery after spotting an Ice Cream Person. If you'd like to download the template and send in your own you can get do so at ICE CREAM PEOPLE DOT ORG.

And to top off all this ice cream biz with some sprinkles (wamp! wamp!), guess what? Brian Butler had a dream about some Luchadores, woke up, and made custom Vans about his dream. He got a nice WRITE UP ON JUXTAPOZ last week, too. Baller. He's made merch for Jay-Z and Wu Tang. You can see more of Brian's work (ice cream & otherwise) on THE UPPER HAND ART DOT COM.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is Adam Roye?

Adam Roye drew on these sneakers, and doesn't do anything else. Short post. Just kidding. Nah, he designs for EMPIRE BMX in Austin and of course does a grip of freelance on the side. Besides that, he's got an interesting BLOG. Great set up & no frills. To top it all off he's two issues deep into his zine, CULT. If you're down with BMX and vile/rad stuff then you will dig it. Need more info? He got interviewed so CHECK OUT ADAM ROYE HERE, TOO.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

If Wynn Miller & Old School Alva Photos Need to be Cooler...

A couple of weeks back was the opening of the Detournement of Wynn Miller show at Exhibit A Gallery in LA. Miller's photos of Alva were reinterpreted by a bunch of different artists: Shepard Fairey, Mark Gonzales, Shawn Barber, Greg Gossel, Nate Frizzell, Chloe Trujillo, Axis, Lauren Bergman, Jon Chase, Richard Villa III, Nazrn, Eric Monson, Dennis Mcnett, Michael Ruiz, Mario Luevanos, Jeff Ho, Votan, Tony Meister and Jamie La Chappa.

The entire gallery of work is up at EXHIBIT A GALLERY for your web browsing pleasure if you can't make it there in person.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Amanda Lopez & MJ & The Apollo

I must write at least one thing about Michael Jackson. As it happens, our pal photographer AMANDA LOPEZ visited The Apollo Theatre in Harlem last week and shot this tribute.

I've never been to The Apollo, but I was crazy about Amateur Night on Showtime at The Apollo when I was a kid. If a performer wasn't up to snuff a mean clown with a bullhorn, siren, and a hook would chase them off stage. What I also learned was how to win on that show: be a woman, sing a Jennifer Holiday song, scream, cry, kick your shoes off and stamp your feet like you're mad. Worked every time.

Annnnd tying the room together is P-Rod's dad at the end of the clip. He used to be the host.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Because You're Always the Crime One.

I don't know where these kids are from, but not much is lost in translation. A guy tries to steal another's Vans. The potential victim shoots him with an invisible ray. Disgrace follows in consequence for the failed criminal.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guts & Vicious Beasts & Blue-Eyed Giraffes in Button Downs

You might recognize Newport Beach, CA's Jordan Buckley's art from a bunch of work he's done for his band Every Time I Die, but the breadth of his work goes eons beyond that. He's got amazing line drawing skill, but give him a paint brush. His work goes all dirty-amazing. Almost sickly, but in that good way. Contact JORDAN THROUGH HIS MYSPACE if you'd like him to make you some custom Vans.

Oh no! I'm Jordan Buckley AND I play guitar in a good band AND I make good art. waaaah!