Monday, June 8, 2009

The USS Texas Submarine Crew Rocks Vans

A recent LA Times story, "Vans shoes: a happily checkered past" prompted people to write to journalist Adam Tschorn. Here's an except from follow up LA Times Blog post- "Readers share 'Vanecdotes' about that checkerboard slip-on"- a letter from Steve Coe...

"I heard a great story from my friend who directed [Discovery Channel's] "Future Weapons." He had to film on the USS Texas submarine...all of the guys on the submarine were wearing checkered Vans. It turns out they can choose their own footwear on subs -- it's the only part that's non-uniform and they all pick the same shoes to wear. ... According to John, they are the perfect sub shoe because they are comfortable and quiet and sonar can pick up shoe noises.""

I couldn't find a photo of the current crew wearing checkerboard Slip-Ons, but I did find the above photo of the 2006 USS Texas crew wearing grey Authentics via Slagheap's flickr. See the episode of Discovery Channel's Future Weapons - USS TEXAS (SSN 775) here. Apparently, it has rubber floors & the whole sub is coated in rubber...thus making it super lurker.

As an added bonus I found a Navy guy freestyling about the USS Texas, "''Cause little homie this is the Navaaay/Surface ain't got shit but us submariners are crazaaay..."