Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sometimes I'm Jealous.

Bryan Derballa relaunched his site today. It's slam full of photos from places you need to get your lazy ass up & go to - along with things you should be doing (again, if you weren't so lazy). That's the burden that good photographers have to bear, I reckon. People gonna hate you because not only do you visit South America, end up sleeping in a field, and wake up judging a beauty contest of ten-year-olds, but you have proof of how amazing it was. You'll have to go to his site to see those photos. For now, party at the Autumn Bowl & some dudes in Rhode Island. LOVEBRYAN.COM

PS...look in the news items on Bryan's site & you'll see the link to download DJ Equal's "Kick Push Play," a mix from 90s skate videos. Bryan's work appears all over the place, but I always remember to look at it on FECAL FACE.