Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party on the Spot

This...oh, this. This is exactly the kind of thing that you think is hilarious and tragically clever...so painfully clever that you post it online when you're 17. Or maybe he's serious. I choose to believe that this is a sincere musical effort because this is the kinda moxie that gets you signed to Island Def Jam and a remix with Lady GaGa and all kinds of diamonds in your grill. No it ain't.

"Yo welcome to this spot/ Come over but don't get caught/ Cause then you'll have to leave/ Kicked out by a guy named Steve/ He'll push you into the dirt/ Unless you rip his shirt/ Cause his shirt is Hollister/ It's owned by his sister/ And so she will get mad/ But invite you into my pad/ That's when the party starts/ Blow the roof off with our farts/ Gonna get musical/ Gonna be all digital/ Then we gonna get in vans/ Both the shoes and minivans/ up down to Concord Mills/ Where we are gonna chill/ Movies in the theater/ Popcorn with extra butter/"