Friday, June 12, 2009

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home By Now.

Where is Sun Valley, Idaho? I can tell is far like this------------------------------------------see how far that is? As it happens, a friend of a friend I went to visit there makes custom Vans. She's graphic designer Charlotte Hemmings, and I like her because she likes centaurs enough to paint them on shoes.

Here's a little about her.

"I started painting vans while I was at Art School in Los Angeles at Otis college of Art & Design. After graduating with a major in Fine Arts I moved to Ketchum/Sun Valley Idaho to ‘live the sweet life’ so to speak. I found myself without a means to display my fine art and that’s when/why my medium really became shoes. I have since been painting them mostly in acrylics but using paint pens for details."

If you'd like to contact Charlotte & see more of her work look at CHARLOTTES KICKS BLOG.