Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Skateboard: The Movie (1978)

Tony Alva starred opposite Leif Garrett in this movie about a gambler who was out of cash & hoping to become rich again (pay off his bookie) by starting his own skate team. I think in the 70s, you could only write a film about being a gambler, a truck driver, or a detective.

Here's the safety film that was shown after the feature. You don't want anyone getting any kooky ideas from a movie...

Who is Leif Garrett? He was hot shit back in the day before the quaaludes and the reality shows. Fun fact: he scores points for touring with The Melvins in the '90s.

(Oh my god. I just realized that I look like Leif Garrett in this video. I guess I should face it & embrace it.)