Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cobra Dogs: The Man Behind the Weenies

Cory Grove (that's CORY not COREY) is the owner of Cobra Dogs. What is a Cobra Dog? A jewel & diamond encrusted hot dog on a golden bun with weird sauce that every local in the Pacific Northwest snowboarding scene knows about because them dogs is awessssssome. However, going back to the aforementioned "jewel encrusted hot dog." Well, that may not be true since you'd choke/break your teeth out on a silly food such as that instead of having a good, nice Cobra Dog. Anyway, Cory's got an interview on with Brooke on Yo Beat where he expounds upon Hamthrax, bikes, Aaron Draplin, MANdex (not spandex) and why it seems like snowboarders can't dress themselves. Get yourself informed. LEARN ABOUT SOME COBRA DOGS ON YOBEAT.

8 Inch - First ever Cobra Dogs commercial from Cobra Dogs on Vimeo.