Thursday, May 14, 2009

Architecture & Skateboarding: Milan's Bastard Store

Comvert Headquarters in Milan is an absolute dream. A design space and distribution warehouse for Comvert and retail space for the Bastard flagship store, this former theatre built in 1940 is now home to an inspiring structure at which to punch a time card everyday. And, man. Look at that suspended bowl...6 meters up. Photos by Giuliano Berarducci & studiometrico (the firm that built this thing.)

Here's a shot of the space in 1940.

Side view of Comvert HQ floor plan.

For more fantastic in-depth photos of the architectural plans for the whole project look at ARCH DAILY. If you want to see more specs and nerd out try ARCHINFO.IT.

Here's one of the few vids I could find of the bowl that didn't have the embed code disabled. Why do people do that? Seriously. If you don't want people sharing your video then don't put it online. Gah. Ok, crotchety rant over. Here's the vid.

Check out the BASTARD BLOG. Good stuff on there, too. Links via @boingboing