Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zach Houston & The Poem Store

I ran into a guy sitting outside in San Francisco today next to a bike with a sign that says, "Poem Store." We get to talking and I find out that he's a bit of a local hero. He's been on CBS Sunday morning writing poems at a Berkeley grocery store. He's also the subject of this short by Riley Joyce. He's a working street poet.

I tell him what I do and as it happens his brother used to work at Vans in Hermosa Beach. Of course we need to get a poem about Vans. Seems that Zach approves of the Iron Maiden partnership, but may have mixed emotions about the internet. Well, that's ok. Read it and interpret it for yourself. The "a" key on his typewriter sticks.

Zach recently got his site up & going. ZACH HOUSTON DOT COM. And I think that's his cell number on the front page. Have a look. Zach's got a good mission statement.