Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Louie Gong: Mixing Traditional Native American Art & Custom Kicks

Louie Gong isn't just a guy from Nooksack, Squamish, Chinese, French, and Scottish heritage raised between Ruskin, B.C. and in the Nooksack tribal community in Washington state making custom Vans with organic designs. Nope, that's not interesting enough. He's the president of MAVIN, the nation’s leading mixed race organization, and he works as an education resource coordinator at Muckleshoot Tribal College. How did he get into customizing Vans given his community-driven background?

"I started learning to draw Coast Salish style when I helped the Muckleshoot community prepare for the canoe journey by painting hand‐made drums. From that point forward, I started seeing the world in crescents, ovals, and formlines. Then – on a whim – I took a sharpie to a pair of Vans....Many people are also drawn to the shoes because they represent the confluence of multiple worlds. Others simply appreciate Coast Salish art or the fact that that they are something new and original. Either way, I feel honored that people are finding value in something I love to do."

Looky here at us learning about different cultures! I'm changing my last name to Muckleshoot. For more info on Louie take a look at EIGHTH GENERATION: SHOES FOR WALKING IN TWO WORLDS.