Monday, April 20, 2009

Coachella 2009: Pt 4

Dropped into the Viceroy Sunday morning before heading to the show to say hello to Ninjasonik. The slip-ons above are only 3 months old, but Jah Jah has been doing every show in them so they are breaking in fairly quickly. The Ninjas were playing a show there with Spankrock and Abe Vigoda. Nice way to start the day.

If Coachella was handing out showmanship awards Fucked Up would have to get the tiara and the dozen roses. That band went at it with their whole hearts in 100 degree heat before 3pm on Sunday. Taking cues straight from The Wrestler, front man Damian, cut his head with a tiny razor blade (after pounding a can of Krush). He was dripping blood, but not in a crappy GG Allin kind of way. He was still earnest, personable and screaming his face off into the mike. This is hard to pull off.

Speaking of hard to pull off... I met this nice fellow. I asked him what the story was with the suit. He said,"Well, I had this suit so..." And yes, he is wearing underwear.

Who else did I see yesterday? Lykke Li, Sebastian Tellier, Peter Bjorn and John, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Devendra Banhart, The Horrors, and The Kills. Devendra Banhart's set was a huge surprise. Expecting a mellow Cat Stevens set out of him, I wasn't paying much attention to his set. In fact I was backstage somewhere else, heard someone going crazy on a guitar like it was 1978 arena rock, and followed the music to find out it was Banhart. Har Mar Superstar hopped up on stage with him, and they proceeded to kill the entire audience.

Coachella 2009 - Day 3

Thanks to everyone I met who let me take pics of their Vans at the show. Turns out everyone who wears Vans is friendly.