Monday, March 16, 2009

Jacob Jones and The Serious Dedication

Jacob Jones is a San Fernando Valley, CA native who has made his way from working on helicopters in the Navy to being a film studio equipment driver in LA while having plenty of adventures along the way. Some of those adventures involve tattoos. And some of those tattoos involve Vans. Meet “Vansman” Jacob...

“I got my first pair of vans about the age of 4, 5 or 6. Can’t remember which age for sure. I got them from the Chatsworth store on Topanga Canyon, which I have to say, is still there. Of course they were slip on checkerboard. Black and white colors.“

“I got the idea of the tattoo on my feet because I only wear Vans! Period! I am talking socks and shoes! I got the tattoo done at Graffiti Palace Tattoo in North Hollywood. My friend Abel did them for me! (Mad love Abel!) Anyway, he said it was one of the most original ideas for a tattoo he has ever done! I have had them for about three years now! I get asked when people notice them if they hurt! Well I have a high tolerance for pain so not really but some parts hurt! I have many other tattoos since then and plan on getting more! I just have this to say I will die with my Vans on!”

Thanks for the interview Jacob! Now I am really excited, too! BEFRIEND HIM ON HIS MYSPACE.