Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Custom Vans by Brittany W. Smith

SoCal artist Brittany W. Smith, via nom de plume Smithereens, has a great sense of humor about herself and her art. After all, she signs her work with a "BS," and I found out about her on craigslist. What else? She's got a husband named Josh and a dog named nollie and a living room crammed with art supplies and shoes and she used to intern at Vans.

"Where do I look for inspiration for my work? Really anything can inspire me. Music, tattoos, inside jokes, a sarcastic comeback, a day at the beach-anything. It sounds corny, but I try not to set out looking for inspiration, I just let it find me," says Brittany.

Hit her up about designing some custom kicks for you ON HER MYSPACE.