Monday, March 2, 2009

Brad Pit Wears Vans! OH! EM! GEEEEE!!!

Trust us. We got an eye for these things. Here we have Brad Pitt tromping out of LAX wearing the Vans Cojo surf shoe. It's a little desert boot-looking number. And there's pizza. Obviously, Pitt likes pizza.

(yeah, there was a mean joke here about being mean...but I guess I'm really not that mean so I "edited it in post.")

Note to Brad: Hey B. What's new? Love your work. Not only did I adore you as a TINY WEIRD OLD BABY MAN, but I'm looking forward to you GETTING SOME NAZI SCALPS with your clever mustache in the new Tarantino flick. (Look out your window and wave. You can't see me, but I can see you! LOL!) Aaaaaannnndddd scene!